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Ni Ni Khin Zaw


    Super Red’s “Tulip” will provide you a sleek and
    sophisticated look while maintaining your brave and welcoming look.

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    Take your beauty to the next level with this gorgeous
    “Lavendar” lip liquid from our newly innovative “Floral Matte” Series.

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    Its cherry color brings you an exceptional look and
    will create you as woman confidently beautiful.

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  • LILY

    Super Red’s “Lily” comes with an attractive color plus a finest touch with soft matte finish.

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  • ROSE

    Super Red’s “Rose” lip liquid delivers bold and luscious look with long lasting effect.

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  • DIVA

    DIVA represents a woman who is brilliant, sexy and attractive.

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    ROMANCE is about the signature of love, the existence of a woman and the one which creates endless kisses.

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    Ni Ni’s choice of “FLAWLESS” also comes with
    women’s favorite Pink color which will make you feel pretty
    as a pink blossom flower.

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    Being classy is all about elegant,
    confidence and poise.

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