Ni Ni Khin Zaw lip contouring tips by famous make-up artist Ma Htet

Mingalaba! Super Red fans, Nowadays, most women love to do face contour. Different ways to do face contouring are quite popular among women. Contouring your lips with light and dark colors make your lip more distinct and beautiful. Ma Htet, a famous make-up artist, presented a tutorial on lip contouring using Super Red matte lip liquid. In this video, Ma Htet will teach you how to do the lip contouring by blending two colors: Classy and Flawless. Let’s do the lip contouring with Ma Htet by watching this video. We wish you for having a sexy lip with Super Red Lipstick.

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Romance: A must-have for youthful look by famous make-up artist Ma Htet

Today, we would like to present a make-up tutorial for having a youthful look and possessing sexy lips for Super Red ladies. In this video, our famous make-up artist Ma Htet demonstrates youthful look make up by using Romance, a cutie color, to Ni Ni. Romance not only gives a youthful look but also makes you look sexy. It’s definitely true that you are going to attract your love with confidence and poise. We are wishing you all ladies to possess attractive and sexy lips with Romance of Super Red, as it is in this video.

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Peach Make-up look by Famous Beauty Blogger Phyo Day by Day

In this video, one of Myanmar’s most famous beauty bloggers, “Phyo day by day”, demonstrates how to make yourself most gorgeous at your date with your love ones. The make-up look which Phyo is going to show here is “Peach Make-up look” which becomes a trend today amongst sophisticated women.

As you know, there are a lot of peach eye shadow palettes and a variety of peach lip colors out there in the market. Phyo suggests that this is a perfect look to wear for a dating as it brings freshness and shows your feminine look. Let’s have a look!

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Day to Night Make-Up Look by Famous Beauty Blogger Phyo Day by Day

Let’s have a look to how Ma Phyo did the demonstration for you to change your looks in day-time to night-time without the need to wear your make up again.

Today, we will present how to change your looks easily without doing your make up routine again demonstrated by Make-up blogger Ma Phyo.

In this video, Ma Phyo uses Diva of Super Red for having sexy and attractive smile, a perfect match for the night look.

Ma Phyo also shows you a cool feature of Super Red which is to remove your lip color without using a lip remover.

We believe that you all will love the make-look tips that Ma Phyo has presented. We wish you have a brilliant feature wearing sexy lips every day.

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